Can a tradie come to my house during lockdown?

Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 safety plan for your construction, trade or home maintenance company, or for construction sites. This means that you can hire a plumber or electrician during this time, but both the dealer and the owner must respect health and safety advice. Canberra construction workers are reminded that not all non-essential construction work is allowed during lockdown. During the lockdown, only essential urgent repair and maintenance services can be performed, for example, repair of plumbing, electricity and heating.

Some state governments offer financial assistance for merchants and small businesses, we have summarized what may be available to you here. Before a tradie arrives, they should check if someone on their property has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is a suspicious case, has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case, has recently returned from abroad, or has flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough. Clients can continue to post jobs through the hipages platform and tradies can continue to accept job opportunities. After the seller has left your property, you must disinfect the area where they worked as a precaution.

The platform has also introduced a feature in which customers can add photos when publishing a work and attach a PDF that allows more detailed information to be obtained to traditions, such as plans and measurements. We talked to Roby Sharon-Zipser, co-founder and CEO of hipages, about why tradies should continue to be listed as an essential service and what you need to know about hiring a tradie during this time. To date, more than two million Australians have changed the way they find, hire and manage trusted merchants to do work at home. We respect the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of New South Wales, and recognize their continued connection to their country and culture.

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