Tradie who took his own life?

A trader has taken his own life on a construction site hours after the construction industry was shut down, sparking widespread anger. On the surface, Brodan Aylott had it all. The man took his own life after premier Daniel Andrews announced a two-week closure of the construction industry. It is understood that workers were asked to return to the construction site early Tuesday to pick up their tools, according to a publication circulating among tradies on Telegram chats.

On the outside, people knew you were a “superior guy”, a kind employee, a crap shaker, but in general someone who would always give you time to help, no matter what time or day. Just weeks after his 23rd birthday, the Queensland tradie was no longer able to cope after being told that his stomach cancer was terminal and that he probably wouldn't see this coming Christmas. John Sekta is furious. 300,000 construction workers across the state have lost their jobs due to the actions of “false traditions” in the protest, describing them as “scum of the earth, drunks and non-Australian morons”.

CFMEU chief John Setka previously criticized the “false traditions” and the “baby-man Nazis” who unleashed Monday's violent scenes in front of the union's headquarters, prompting the government to shut down the entire industry for two weeks. In addition, these workers are often in the social categories at higher risk also men, with lower levels of formal education and, in fact, it is the builders, workers and operators who are at very high risk of suicide, while the rate among tradies is slightly below the average.

Ruby Jones
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