What are tradie briefs?

Since then, it has expanded and caters to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, beauty and more. No matter what your day brings, our range of tradie Lady underwear, bras and socks are designed to last, yet comfortable to wear every day. Clear the underwear drawer and get rid of those daggers by upgrading to a range of Tradie underwear for men, women and children, bras, swimsuits, briefs, bikinis and boxer briefs. Whether you're playing with kids, partying with friends, running a marathon, or just sitting at work, tradie underwear has you covered.

Starting with underwear, TRADIE has expanded its brand to cater to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, tools, drinks and beauty products. Tradie offers the most comfortable underwear, socks, workwear and boots for men, women, children and babies online. Get ready every morning and feel like a fierce, confident woman, knowing you can handle whatever the day brings because you're wearing your trusted Tradie underwear. TRADIE was created out of the desire to bring a little personality, humor and functionality into the underwear market.

From the beginning, TRADIE has set its own course, blurring the edges and breaking the rules, all in the name of fun.

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