What does tradie mean in slang?

You will often work as a substitute, or subcontractor, on large jobs. Describe someone who trades frequently, rather than accepting money for goods or services. Rage Tradies can be identified by the type of Ute, Truck or Van they drive clearly marked with their company name, or by the use of loud profanity when they infuriate you and any other motorist who has the misfortune of being in their way. Rage tradie is most often seen in a natural habitat on the road with a mobile phone in your ear or on your lap.

A range of traditional clothing, men's workwear and underwear seemingly 'guaranteed to be resistant to Tradie. It's common to refer to anyone in the retail industry—builders, plumbers, electricians (also known as “sparks”), tilers, carpenters and gardeners—as “tradies”, a funny abbreviation for a trader. A tradesman or trades person, or more commonly known as a “Tradie”, is a skilled manual worker in a particular craft or trade. Esky is an Australian brand of portable refrigerators, in which you would put your food and drinks and it is essential for artisans who work on site.

Just search Google Tradie and you'll get dozens of references from merchant services websites, products, educational sites, news and researchers. One winner will be crowned Australia's most popular Tradie and will take home a new Ute plus a series of fantastic prizes. Dealers who work in a trade or job that requires particular skills are called Tradies electricians, plumbers and carpenters who have commercial jobs. The professional networking site Link Me surveyed 950 people and the results clearly showed a preference for “traditions” in romantic stakes.

Good tradies who earn a good income and are bogans can sometimes be promoted to being a paid bogan. When a tradie uses this term “what a wonder without guts”, he refers to someone as a coward, a lazy. Date A Tradie has just launched in Australia and will help you find the tradie that can make all your dreams come true.

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