What is a tradie in the US?

It is common to refer to anyone in the trade industry—builders, plumbers, electricians (also known as sparks), tilers, carpenters and gardeners—as tradies, a funny abbreviation for a trader. In the United States, the word worker is more common. The handyman would be someone who would mow the lawn and then you know he would be able to solve any task well enough. Mow the lawn and install these solar panels that I have that I know a damn thing about.

I'd improvise it, but I could do it.


offers the most comfortable underwear, socks, workwear and boots for men, women, children and babies online. A tradesman or trades person, or more commonly known as a “Tradie”, is a skilled manual worker in a particular craft or trade. For a Tradie, the office is much more exciting and free than that cubicle enclosed in a construction square.

Clear the underwear drawer and get rid of those daggers by upgrading to a range of Tradie underwear for men, women and children, bras, swimsuits, briefs, bikinis and boxer briefs. As one of the most demanded services in Australia, Tradies is among the best when it comes to the most requested and requested jobs. A tradie will not spend as much time studying (usually 6 months to two years), often learning most of their skills on the job and avoiding large debts in the process, depending on their experience, expertise and practical knowledge. From the beginning, TRADIE has set its own course, blurring the edges and breaking the rules, all in the name of fun.

Naturally, a trader's job is hard and one of the most physically demanding careers, a far cry from your typical 9-to-5 office job. TRADIE was created out of the desire to bring a little personality, humor and functionality into the underwear market. Starting with underwear, TRADIE has expanded its brand to cater to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, tools, drinks and beauty products. Since being called “sparkies”, “chippies”, “brickies”, being a tradie can mean any number of roles, but they also have a lot in common.

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