Who is Mrs. Tradie?

Charlotte Caslick, Australian women's rugby superstar and Olympic gold medalist, is the new face of traditional underwear. The multi-year agreement sees Caslick showcase the “Tradie Lady” sports underwear range in a series of television, digital and print campaigns developed by creative agency The Incubator. Tradie lady, a piece for everyday wear, picnics in the park, festivals or casual race days, this girl can take you to all of them. She is a lilac Ecuadorian Panama blocked in a rogue cowgirl.

The paint splashed it with white to create drip fading in areas. It is launched by vintage indigo grosgrain and recycled silk sari and 2 trios of beads. Tradie offers the most comfortable underwear, socks, workwear and boots for men, women, children and babies online. Put on your bold pants every morning with your Tradie women's underwear and take on everything you can think of, from your morning yoga class to fixing a flat tire like a boss on the way to meeting the girls for a night out.

Starting with underwear, TRADIE has expanded its brand to cater to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, tools, drinks and beauty products. Clear the underwear drawer and get rid of those daggers by upgrading to a range of Tradie underwear for men, women and children, bras, swimsuits, briefs, bikinis and boxer briefs. From the beginning, TRADIE has set its own course, blurring the edges and breaking the rules, all in the name of fun. TRADIE was created out of the desire to bring a little personality, humor and functionality into the underwear market.

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