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Australian Rugby Union legend Nick “The Honey Badger Cummins has signed up as the new ambassador for tradie underwear & Workwear. Nick is well known for his skills on the field, as well as his hilarious post-game interviews. The rising stars of The Inspired Unemployed, Matt Ford and Jack Steel, 25, are Sydney's best friends, with a passion for surfing, snowboarding and, in general, doing silly things. Their scruffy looks and self-deprecating humor have grown them an impressive following of more than 435,000 on Tik Tok and 370,000 on Instagram over the past 18 months.

Thanks to their unique style of crazy physical humor, collaborations with brands such as Fendi, GQ and the Aria Awards have turned the boys into highly pursued talents, who today are far from unemployed. We saw this during the footy with people in the room ranging from 8 to 70 and everyone thought the ad was embarrassingly bad. When it turns on now we silence it and look the other way. We recognize the country's Traditional Custodians across Australia and their connections to land, sea and community.

Cummins, a former Wallaby and protagonist of Ten's The Bachelor, appears dancing like no one is seeing inside, in his tradie underwear and socks. Former rugby star, Bachelor and tabloid tabloid Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins is back on television screens, this time as an ambassador for Australian underwear brand Tradie Underwear. Cummins has been the image of Tradie's clothing for several years, starring in advertisements for workwear, underwear and baby clothing range. Tradie Underwear has launched its new Aussie Fit campaign through a series of TVCs that embody tradie's traditional ironic humor and relaxed slang.

Client — Founder of Tradie Tradie — Ben GoodfellowTradie Brand Manager — Simone Hyde Creative Agency — The IncubatorAccount Manager — Jeremy WalshCreative Director — Kyran DockerWriter — Alison Rentoul. Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins has returned in Tradie's latest marketing campaign to promote his new range of socks. Client — Founder of Tradie Tradie — Ben Goodfellow — Tradie Brand Manager — Creative Agency Simone Hyde — The IncubatorAccount Director — Jeremy Walsh Creative Director — Kyran DockerWriter — Kyran Docker Producer — Truce FilmsDirector — Nicholas Clifford Executive Producer — Elise Trenordop — Joel Egan Post Production - Puffin PostGrade - Martin GreerSound - Windmill AudioPR Agency - Lampoon GroupCEO of Lampoon Group - Josh White. The commercials encourage viewers to “get up from their Brazilian briefs, French panties and American panties.

The Aussie Fit style of women's underwear will be identified as a staple in the history of Tradie products, made with an ultra comfortable design and with a little bit of cheek. TVC Body Spray's 15-second Tradie series shows best friends deeply enjoying each other's scent in a locker room.

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