Who is the owner of the tradie brand?

Small Business Marketing Hotline: Leave a message to Timbo +61 480 015 150. Despite the big push in 'Tradie' underwear, Ben said there is still a lot to be achieved in both the prominent workwear and work boot space, with work boots that are growing extremely well right now. We recognize the country's Traditional Custodians across Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. Starting with underwear, tradie has expanded its brand to cater to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, tools, drinks and beauty products.

I have admired from afar how Ben Goodfellow so quickly turned the tradie underwear brand into a household name in Australia. With a view to the new year, there is much to expect from the 'Tradie' brand with a new Black Label collection that will be launched early next year, which will attract a lot of interest from those customers looking for quality workwear that is fashionable. The company also claimed that Sojo falsely stated that the bags in which TRADIE underwear is sold are 100 percent biodegradable, and is seeking a court order to prevent Sojo from continuing to claim that the products are the most Australian underwear. The success of the “Tradie” brand among female customers is also driven by several successful marketing campaigns through some female ambassadors who are dual Olympians and incredible role models, according to Ben, including world number two freestyle skier Danielle Scott and Charlotte Caslick considered the best player women's Rugby Sevens of the world.

In an attempt to stay in the spotlight, Tradie is constantly launching eye-catching products, including a UV glow-in-the-dark underwear range (and encouraging wearers to drop their pants on the dance floor), collaborations with street artist Mulga and well-known confectionery brands such as Chupa Chups , novelty prints with Where's Waldo and 'Big Pouch' underwear that use bra mold technology to shape the bag without seams. Step One Clothing Australia sued in Federal Court alleging that Sojo Pty Ltd, the company that makes sportsmen from TRADIE, misled customers by claiming that their products are Australian “true blue” when laundry labels say they are made in China. With persistent efforts like these, the word Tradie has become synonymous with much more than just merchants; it is now the proud identity of blue-collar Australians working in any number of jobs. After Bachie's reveal, Cummins's photo was splashed in newspapers, magazines and online, many with him sporting Tradie's underwear.

Looking at future opportunities for workwear brands like 'Tradie', Ben said it's great to see so many emerging brands, considering that just 10 years ago only a couple of brands dominated this area. Step One Clothing Australia listed underwear labels that are “more Australian” than TRADIE because they are made in Australia, including Tuffys & Tuffetts, Merino Country, Farm to Hanger and Wonderpants. CEO Ben Goodfellow contacted survivor Ben Mackay through a prominent radio station, and publicly gifted him with a lifetime supply of Tradie underwear.

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