Who owns tradie australia?

With persistent efforts like these, the word tradie has become synonymous with much more than just merchants; it is now the proud identity of blue-collar Australians working in any number of jobs. After Bachie's reveal, Cummins's photo was splashed in newspapers, magazines and online, many with him sporting Tradie's underwear. I have admired from afar how Ben Goodfellow so quickly turned the tradie underwear brand into a household name in Australia. The meeting resulted in Tradie getting a big contract, which then helped catapult the brand to new heights.

When Channel Ten unveiled Nick, 'The Honey Badger' Cummins as its next Bachelor, it didn't just increase the heart rates of single women: sales of underwear brand Tradie increased by double-digit numbers. Hear from other commercial business owners, home improvement owners, and contractors who have built their success with Tradie Digital. In an attempt to stay in the spotlight, Tradie is constantly launching eye-catching products, including a UV glow-in-the-dark underwear range (and encouraging wearers to drop their pants on the dance floor), collaborations with street artist Mulga and well-known confectionery brands such as Chupa Chups, Novelty prints with Where's Waldo and 'Big Pouch' underwear that uses bra mold technology to shape the bag without seams. Goodfellow was kind enough to also mention Nick Cummins, the professional rugby player and the well-known star of the series The Bachelor, who is currently Tradie's main ambassador to Australia.

CEO Ben Goodfellow contacted survivor Ben Mackay through a prominent radio station, and publicly gifted him with a lifetime supply of Tradie underwear. The rival company claims that TRADIE underwear is not the “usual Australian brand” because the products are manufactured in China. Tradie gets used to spending time on innovative thinking and deliberately disrupts the short-sighted approach to finance, logistics and approvals. Recently, during an interview with Tim Reid, Ben Goodfellow shared many interesting details about him and Tradie with the audience.

When the high-stakes meeting arrived, the retailer's staff were so inundated with Tradie branded messaging that they believed the brand's size and scale were much larger than it actually was. Goodfellow says that Tradie's ambassadors like Cummins and Olympians Kelly Cartwright and Danielle Scott are the types of ambassadors that brands should target, rather than “brat sports personalities.” After switching to Tradie Digital, Tommo experienced significantly better results and discovered how stress-free digital marketing can be. The company also claimed that Sojo falsely stated that the bags in which TRADIE underwear is sold are 100 percent biodegradable, and is seeking a court order to prevent Sojo from continuing to claim that the products are the most Australian underwear.

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