Who stores tradie underwear?

Starting with underwear, tradie has now. TRADIE was created out of the desire to bring a little personality, humor and functionality into the underwear market. The ICONIC tradie underwear and lingerie range for men and women has styles to tackle almost any task. Women don't forget, with Tradie Lady's exclusive blouses, briefs, shorts, thongs and boylegs that are tailor-made for girls who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Starting with underwear, TRADIE has expanded its brand to cater to the whole family, including work clothes, boots, baby clothes, tools, drinks and beauty products. The dedicated design team behind Tradie sources the highest quality fabrics and materials, including soft and breathable natural cotton, tough spandex for long-lasting elasticity and sport-inspired technical fabrics for refreshing comfort like no other. From the beginning, TRADIE has set its own course, blurring the edges and breaking the rules, all in the name of fun. Tradie underwear is designed to control sweat and moisture, improve airflow, and eliminate uncomfortable chafing and irritations that can wear out throughout the day.

For underwear and essentials that are as tough and hardworking as you are, turn to the Australian design brand Tradie. Tradie prides itself on making comfortable and durable underwear without sacrificing style.

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