Why don't tradies call back?

They usually have to wear a lot of hats in their business, such as secretary, accountant, etc., so they may be too widespread. Usually, calls are taken while in the middle of a job, that is, climbing a ladder or stuck under the kitchen sink. Another problem that consumers often have with tradies is the lack of communication. Not only do they not arrive on time, but they don't call ahead to let the customer know, even when they know they're late.

Calling a customer to let them know they can't make an appointment is often too stressful for many merchants. When the customer calls you, they often don't respond or make excuses. It's a bad method to avoid conflicts. A lot of them don't know better.

They are not trained to handle difficult situations. To date, more than three million Australians have changed the way they find, hire and manage trusted tradies with hipages. You made an appointment with a tradie about a week ago, but you didn't receive an appointment confirmation via email.

Ruby Jones
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