Can tradies go to bunnings?

Sausages have resumed in our NT stores. All community group volunteers must wear a mask while behind the barbecue, unless they are medically exempt. Log in or create an account to use the project lists. Bunnings stores in closed areas remain open to commercial customers.

But in Bunnings, it's called Drive and Collect. The only exception is for merchants, who are allowed to enter hardware stores to make essential purchases. Bunnings stores will reopen to customers throughout Greater Sydney starting Monday, except for those in council areas of interest. Plant nurseries and hardware stores, until now closed to all but merchants in the hotspot areas of New South Wales, will be allowed to open their doors again to all customers.

Previously, tradies were only allowed to set foot in hardware stores in the 12 LGA, but the restriction was changed on Saturday night.

Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones

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