Why the tradie protest?

The tearooms were recently identified as the “most dangerous place for transmission possible” and were forced to close. Tradies responded by taking their lunch and smoking breaks on Melbourne roads, obstructing traffic and trams over lunch for two days last week. The measure was supported and organized by the CFMEU.


protesters who want to turn violent have been told to “go pick fruit instead.

Merchants in Melbourne have organized another protest, this time raiding the headquarters of the CFMEU. Union Secretary of State John Setka, who tried and did not appeal to the masses, later told the Today Show that most of the rioting protesters weren't even tradies. CFMEU boss John Setka said genuine merchants who were involved in damaging the union's headquarters on Elizabeth St would not have a job to return to after the shutdown. Naturally, being out of work for two weeks overnight further enraged traditional protesters, triggering the second day of protests on Tuesday, this time by the thousands.

A chaotic and violent scene hit Melbourne's CBD on Monday as anti-vax rioters joined the raging traditions in front of the CFMEU building in Elizabeth St.

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