Which tradies are paid the most?

Construction or Site Manager, 4 2.By Lauren Ferri For Daily Mail Australia A banker has quit his job to launch a successful plumbing business — because he could earn more as a tradie. When he returned to Australia eight years later he started GT Plumbing, which he turned into a booming business that earned him a six-figure salary. Located in Sydney's city center, GT Plumbing owner Alex Taskun (pictured) told the Daily Mail Australia that he moved to a plumbing career when he was 29 years old. He divided his time between Australia and Cambodia for eight years working as a volunteer with zero income, before returning three years ago.

The businessman said that one of his biggest challenges is to find good quality apprentices, because there is a 'perception that you can finish tenth year and go to be a plumber because they make good money'. If you are an electrician living in North Melbourne, you hit the jackpot. We think it's the best representation of how much Australian tradies actually earn, as it uses the taxable income provided to us by thousands of autonomous tradies from all over Australia. Earthmoving machinery is also expensive, so those starting in this line of business apply for a commercial loan or equipment financing.

An interesting metric to look at each year is what percentage of tradies fit different income bands. But what we can say is that the numbers come from more than 1000 merchants from all states and territories and, according to previous years, they are incredibly consistent and reliable over the years. The majority of merchants (95%) surveyed said they owned their own business (either alone or with business partners), and only 1% were unemployed, and the remaining 4% worked for someone else. The “tradie” Olympic Games will host representatives from 60 countries who will compete in 56 skill categories, from cooking to plumbing.

The survey of 629 workers also found that most of the merchants on the site own their own business, and only 4 percent work for someone else. Merchant services site ServiceSeeking surveyed merchants to find out how much they earned and how they made that money. Not wanting to blow their own pipes and be runners-up on the list of the most wanted by tradies, Victorian plumbers were also full of money. All of these traditions generally acquired their skills at a trade school or university, followed by on-the-job training and learning.

A banker has quit his job to launch a successful plumbing business - because he could earn more as a tradie. The bottom line here is that although some trades have higher incomes on average, any trader can earn big income if they work hard enough and smart enough.

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