Who owns the tradie brand?

Small Business Marketing Hotline: Leave a message to Timbo +61 480 015 150. It seems that women's traditions are becoming more and more prominent nationally, which is also great for the “Tradie” brand. Recently, during an interview with Tim Reid, Ben Goodfellow shared many interesting details about himself and tradie with the audience. Clear the underwear drawer and get rid of those daggers by upgrading to a range of Tradie underwear for men, women and children, bras, swimsuits, briefs, bikinis and boxer briefs.

TRADIE was created out of the desire to bring a little personality, humor and functionality into the underwear market. Goodfellow says that Tradie's ambassadors like Cummins and Olympians Kelly Cartwright and Danielle Scott are the types of ambassadors that brands should target, rather than “brat sports personalities.” In the interview, Ben explained why he loves the brand, how to build and elevate an iconic brand, how to turn that brand into a household name, and what marketing strategies he used to get Tradie up the ranks and become a dominant player in the market. I have admired from afar how Ben Goodfellow so quickly turned the tradie underwear brand into a household name in Australia. The rival company claims that TRADIE underwear is not the “usual Australian brand” because the products are manufactured in China.

Goodfellow was kind enough to also mention Nick Cummins, the professional rugby player and the well-known star of the series The Bachelor, who is currently Tradie's main ambassador to Australia. With a view to the new year, there is much to expect from the 'Tradie' brand with a new Black Label collection that will be launched early next year, which will attract a lot of interest from those customers looking for quality workwear that is fashionable. To understand Tradie and his mission, you have to understand the mentality of the man who started it all. When Channel Ten unveiled Nick, 'The Honey Badger' Cummins as its next Bachelor, it didn't just increase the heart rates of single women: sales of underwear brand Tradie increased by double-digit numbers.

The company also claimed that Sojo falsely stated that the bags in which TRADIE underwear is sold are 100 percent biodegradable, and is seeking a court order to prevent Sojo from continuing to claim that the products are the most Australian underwear.

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